Aníbal de Iturriaga

Real name: de Iturriaga, Aníbal
Pianist and composer
(n/d - 30 September 1943)
Place of birth:
Guillermo Thorp

e was one of the brothers of Dora de Iturriaga. They composed “El rasgueo”, a tango awarded with the first prize in a contest sponsored by the Glücksmann house (1928). A diploma signed by no less than Francisco Canaro, Francisco Lomuto, Max Glücksmann and Leopoldo Marechal certified that award.

El rasgueo” was recorded by Canaro, Odeon disc 4470-A matrix 3095/1, on September 3, 1928. (Neither the disc label nor the discographies researched mention Dora).

Other pieces by Aníbal de Iturriaga which were committed to disc by the Pirincho’s orchestra were:

“El titán” (tango), Odeon 4360, matrix 1420, on September 29, 1927.

“Qué le importa” (tango), Odeon no/nº, matrix 3249, September 25, 1928. According to Christoph Lanner’s in his Canaro discography, in the Disco Nacional advertisement on Caras y Caretas Nº 1589, March 16,1929 it wrongly appears: "D. Iturriaga" (Dora Iturriaga). Recorded again on Odeon record 4511-A, matrix 3249/3, on December 3, 1928.

“Reír para llorar” (vals criollo co-written with Pedro A. Arroyo and lyrics by Luis De Biase), with vocal refrain by Charlo, Odeon 4707-B, matrix 6440/1, on November 28, 1930. Recorded again by Canaro with Charlo, on this occasion as soloist, Odeon 16262-B, matrix 6479, on December 4, 1930.

Dora used to say that Aníbal was a generous person who had given some tangos as gifts to his nephew Enrique Lorenz, son of his sister Haydée. I only found one under his name, “Yo también era dichoso”, recorded by Canaro on September 12, 1927, Odeon 4355-B, matrix 1301.