Beatriz Ambró

Real name: Ambró, Beatriz
(24 February - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

he was born in the neighborhood of Pompeya, city of Buenos Aires. Since a very young age she devoted to study operatic singing and theatrical acting. Her teachers were great maestros, singers in the Teatro Colón: Lidia de la Merced, Nino Bianchi, Amanda Chetera, also the orchestra conductor Yanny Rinaldi.

She attended theater workshops with Beatriz Matar, Néstor Romero, Alejandra Boero and Julio Vaccaro.

As for operatic singing and theater she appeared in different venues of Buenos Aires: the Teatro Ópera, the Teatro Presidente Alvear, the Teatro Astral, the Teatro Roma of Avellaneda, among others.

She withdrew from her career for a while and later she came back but singing tango songs. Then she appeared at different venues and tango locals: the Academia Nacional del Tango, the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo, La Casa de la Cultura, the Museo Casa Carlos Gardel, Taconeando, Sabor a Tango, La Casa del Tango, La Maga de Flores, La Casona del Teatro, La Manzana de las Luces, Bar Sur and others.

Her songbook includes classic tangos and numbers by contemporary authors. In 2004 she recorded her first compact disc entitled Leyendas del 2x4 with the accompaniment by Héctor Russo.

In 2006 her second recording was released: A todo tango, under the musical direction of Paco Berón.

Since 2008 she has been member of the board of the Asociación Argentina Tango al Mundo and she assumed as the vice-president of that institution in 2013.

She cut three tracks for the disc Nueva Música Popular Argentina (2012) that includes songs written by Norma Montenegro as lyricist and composer: “Cantame un tango hermano” with music by Jorge Dragone; and the milongas “Alas rojas” with music by Osvaldo Estrella and “Confidencias” with music by Quique Rassetto.