Marcela Bublik

Real name: Bublik, Marcela Liliana
Singer, composer and lyricist
(1 December 1957 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

he elder daughter of a musicologist and a physician-writer, she was born in Buenos Aires and has studied music since childhood, devoting herself later to singing and composition. She made her debut singing different genres and in the early nineties she devoted to tango and began to write and compose. Her lyrics bear her own music or by other composers: Carlos Olano, Pocho Lapouble, Raúl Garello, Adrián Harbi, Fernando Lerman, Osvaldo Burucuá, Marcelo Saraceni.

She appeared at private and public venues, in radio and television programs. She presented shows at: Café Tortoni, Clásica y Moderna, Centro Cultural Gral. San Martín, La Scala de San Telmo, Auditorio AMIA, at different issues of the Festival Buenos Aires Tango, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Teatro Roma de Avellaneda, Torquato Tasso. She took part at homages paid to Enrique Santos Discépolo, Homero Manzi, Héctor Negro, Horacio Ferrer, Carlos Gardel, alongside renowned figures of tango.

She was member of the Comisión Directiva del Foro Latinoamericano de Educación Musical and was one of the founders of Letrango (Asociación de Letristas de Tango)(Association of Tango Lyricists).

She is coordinator of workshops of writing for children and adults, and presents a didactic show Te cuento un tango at grade and high schools of the city of Buenos Aires and at the province of Buenos Aires.

In 1998 she won the 2nd award of the Festival SADAIC de la Canción, with “Puñales de plata”, with her own lyrics and music by Adrián Harbi. In 1999 she was finalist at the Enrique Santos Discépolo contest of the province of Buenos Aires with “Tatuaje”, with lyrics and music of her own.

In 2002 she presented her first CD: Puñales de plata. The Fondo Nacional de las Artes awarded her the 1st Mention of Honor 2003, for her “Milonga para una tarde de domingo”, with music by Carlos Olano.

In 2004 she was awarded the 1st prize at the contest Letras de Tango por la Identidad (Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo y Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación) for “Soy” which was musicalized by maestro Raúl Garello. In 2005 she presented her second CD: “Gallo de fuego” that included contemporary tangos, waltzes, candombes and milongas. Other authors and composers collaborated with her: Bibi Albert, Roque Narvaja, Hugo Salerno and Raimundo Rosales; and as guest artists: Raúl Garello, Pocho Lapouble, Fernando Lerman, Gaby Waciarz, Roque Narvaja and others.

In 2006 she appeared on channel 7 in “Zarpando Tangos”, emceed by Guillermo Fernández and Luis Longhi and in “Caminos de tiza” conducted by Mirta Goldberg. In 2007 she appeared at the project “Ciudad Oculta” of new authors, created and coordinated by Juan Vattuone, with “Segundo tiempo corazón”, with music by Harbi and her lyrics. In 2008 she appeared at the season of tango authors and performers at the Torquato Tasso.