Ricardo García Blaya

The tango singer: His evolution along time - The singer, today

want to devote a last paragraph of this brief history to the present singers, who neither had the luck of the «estribillista» nor that of the «cantor de la orquesta» of growing and experiencing together with musicians, and tuning up their vocal cords as violinists do with their strings.

«Soloists» were born, not as his forerunners after a boom, but because the stable orchestras were gone. They had to develop by themselves and their merit was insisting on a musical proposal attacked and relegated by other genres.

A long time before tango had lost its place of privilege, especially among the young, and these interpreters were, as of the 70s, who fought an unequal battle with rock and pop.

The most outstanding singers now, and who serve as example, are: Rubén Juárez, Susana Rinaldi and María Graña, and the less known Reynaldo Martín, Luis Filipelli, César Consi and Alfredo Sáez, among others.

In the late 80s reappeared a new interest in the genre all over the world thanks to instrumental tango and due to the dancing boom, but what started in people's feet continued in their heads, and nowadays we see a revival of vocalists, especially women, as also a reappraisal of the past through the rescue and issue of old recordings.