Estilo Re Fa Si

his acoustic tango trio of Montevideo city offers a music show which has respect for the essence and traditional forms. They play tango, waltz and milonga, typical elements of our identity, trying to renew the sound without missing the tango essence, with the help of the guitar pick strokes and the double bass bow, with a heartfelt vocal rendering, and striving for that unmistakable accent of the outskirts.

Its members are Emilio Pigot (vocals), José Planchón (guitar) and Federico Montero (double bass).

Añoranzas is their first album, recorded in 2012. About it Eduardo Rivero wrote in the Semanario Brecha: «In that attempt to rescue roots the first album by Estilo Re Fa Si is enrolled, which shows a praiseworthy concern for doing things well, with neatness and with great care.

«The guitars weave restrained arrangements, taking advantage of what they can play. The arrangements turn out pleasant and are efficient background for the singer. Emilio Pigot sings with good taste and great strength, with a suitable voice for the genre, metallic and strong in the middle range. In fact, he sings very well, with much dedication, evidencing great devotion for this genre».

In 2017 they released their second recording La luz de un fósforo, with guest artists like Julio Frade (piano) and Fabián Pietrafesa (clarinet).

They have appeared in a large number of venues and in different shows in the city of Montevideo, at important festivals and in different cities of the nation.