Néstor Pinsón

Orquesta Típica Mario Demarco

owards the end of 1951, the orchestra was lined up by: Mario Demarco (bandoneon and leadership), Alberto Garralda, Tito Rodríguez and Ricardo Varela (bandoneons), Luis Piersantelli, Antonio Blanco, José Singla and Jorge González —later José Carli and P. Cabrera— (violins); Ernesto Romero (piano) and Luis Addesso (double bass). The vocalists were Jorge Sobral and Raúl Quirós, later devoted to the melodic genre with the sobriquet Donato Tramontano.

The orchestra played for two years and made 18 recordings for the Pathé label.

In 1965: Mario Demarco (bandoneon and leadership), Antonio Lucas, Oscar Dellatorre and Osvaldo Postma (bandoneons); Roberto Guisado, Enrique Postma, Washington Williman and Ricardo Bonvicino (violins); Cayetano Giana, replaced by Andrés Rivas (viola); Víctor Marzzoli (cello), Raúl Mansilla (piano), Jorge Williman (double bass). Vocalists: Marcos Soler and Jorge Román. Eight pieces were recorded.

In 1966 he put together a new orchestra to accompany Rodolfo Lesica for the recording of a long-playing record. Mario Demarco, Nicolás Paracino, Mario Montagna and Alberto Caroprese (bandoneons); Roberto Guisado, Juan Scaffino, José Nieso, Hugo Baralis, Bernardo Kaykoski and Antonio Vicari (violins); Cayetano Giana (viola); José Bragato (cello) and Osvaldo Monteleone (double bass).

In 1967 he teamed up with Norberto Ramos (piano) and Enrique Maldonado (double bass) as a trio to accompany the singers that daily appeared at the Cantina Ernesto, on Corrientes and Gallo.