Ceferino Gallo

Agrupación Coreográfica Tanguera de Villa Espil

n the province of Buenos Aires, 90 km far from the Federal Capital, on Ruta Nacional N° 7, there is a small rural town, concentrated, within just 10 blocks. Its rural environment, its humble and shy people did not presuppose it, did not expect it, but it appeared… Tango, its cadence, its sonority is felt in Villa Espil, mainly in its young population, because most of them have learnt the first steps of 2/4.

In 2011, precisely on May 11, the Taller de Tango-Danza (Tango-Dance Workshop) was created by Ceferino Gallo, a tango instructor. Soon thereafter an incipient dancing group was formed with the children who attended the workshop and appearances at several popular feasts in the surroundings came soon. From that moment on, maestro Federico Mizrahi accompanied them as Art Patron. Among the places they appeared, the Casa de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, the Academia Nacional del Tango, television programs like Titanes del Tango and Póker de Ases del Tango stand out, among others.

In this low-class rural environment, there was the need to form an association to promote themselves, so in the early 2012 the Agrupación Coreográfica Tanguera de Villa Espil was born. Not only it is engaged in giving free classes but also in providing the dancers, children and young, with costumes and transport to go to different venues.

The Agrupación Coreográfica Tanguera de Villa Espil wanted to single out maestro Leopoldo Federico, Graciela Pesce and Juan Carlos Baglietto as Honorary Members of its institution as a kind of acknowledgement for their career in different aspects of our urban music.

When the dancing group was consolidated as well as their appearances, a new aspiration sprang up: to provide a space for interchange and integration for dancing groups including children and young people of our country and it took place on July 20, 2013 as Encuentro Nacional de Tango y Juventud Villa Espil 2013. It was declared as of National Interest by the National Presidence, and of Cultural Interest by the Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación, among others.

At the Second Encounter another dream came true: opening it as an event genuinely of the River Plate area and the Primer Encuentro Rioplatense de Tango y Juventud Villa Espil 2014 was held, under the auspices of the Comisión Nacional Argentina de Cooperación con la UNESCO (CONAPLU) and UNESCO, and it was the first time this International Organism backed an inclusive event of Tango and Youth. In this space, dancing groups of different places of our country and of the República Oriental del Uruguay succeeded in interacting and meeting and the now consolidated Movimiento Rioplatense de Tango Para Chicos y Chiquilinas, made a twist to tangibility.

The Academia Nacional del Tango has been accompanying this intercultural space since its inception, but as from 2016 it has granted its auspices to the institution.