Silvina Damiani

The debut of «Baffa, bandoneon poetry»

ast Tuesday, March 8, the debut screening of the documentary about the virtuoso bandoneon player Ernesto Baffa, Baffa, poesía de bandoneón took place at the legendary Marabú salon. It was made by Marcelo Turrisi and Daniel Tonelli, and produced by The Argentine Tango Society.

With the attendance of a large number of people and personalities of our politics and culture, the evening began with a dance performance by Nito and Elba García. With the elegance of Tango Salón and with the imprint of a style all their own, they were the point of departure for an evening full of surprises.

After the now customary cocktail, the audience was able to listen to the precise words said by Mr. Jo Fish, representing The Argentine Tango Society, and the reflections about maestro Baffa's legacy, made by Ricardo García Blaya, founder of Todo Tango. The filmmakers themselves, Daniel Tonelli and Marcelo Turrisi, also gave their impressions about the creative process of shaping the documentary.

Besides the president of The Argentine Tango Society, Mr. Jo Fish, his work group in Argentina were also present, as were all the members of the team.

Another interesting moment of the encounter took place when the maestros Nicolás Ledesma, Enri Balestro, Roberto Siri, Horacio Malvicino and Horacio Cabarcos, representing the Asociación Argentina de Intérpretes (AADI), gave an award to the bandoneonist which was delivered to Pablo Baffa, because his father, maestro Baffa, was unable to be present due to a medical treatment. However, Tonelli and Turrisi filmed the whole event, recording the love and admiration of all the people present, in order to send it to the maestro.

Soon afterward, the movie was shown and the guests were touched by the testimonies captured by the documentary. The motion picture is simply outstanding. It is evident that every day Tonelli and Turrisi are understanding better the essence of The Argentine Tango Society and its objective of preserving and promoting traditional tango.

Baffa, poesía de bandoneón dazzled us at the Marabú and touched everybody equally. Baffa represents the lyricism of bandoneon playing, and the poetry of his music, portrayed in this brand new documentary by ATS, caught us on a unique evening.