Tamango Tango

he group Tamango, according to what they themselves say, was born with a clear intention: to blend customary tango with today’s reality. They try to fit its traditional rhythm to a modern instrumentation, without losing its musical essence.

Its original members were: Marcelo Huertas (piano and leader), Fernando Codazzi (bass), Federico Vázquez (bandoneon), Alejandro Giuliani (drums) and Carolina Rodríguez Laraia (voice).

After mucho work and devotion they play the classics with a special flavor, with a personality of their own and with keenness.

Its young members studied music, polished themselves and had experience in different genres, finally coming to tango.

Marcelo studied piano and composition with Graciela Tarchini in Buenos Aires. As piano and keyboards player she joined rock and pop music groups like Viuda e Hijas de Roque Enroll. She was member of different choirs with which she sang in the Colón, Cervantes and San Martín theaters of Buenos Aires. In 1997 she formed a experimental group of tango: Tangotán.

Fernando began his music studies with maestro Capriotti (jazz and tango bassist). Later he studied with Alberto “Beto” Satragni (Luis Alberto Spinetta’s bassist). Now he is further studying with Marcelo Torres. He played with the group Los Iracundos.

Federico began his studies with Rodolfo Mederos, later with Marcos Madrigal and with Walter Castro. Since 1999 he is member of the Orquesta Típica La Furca.

Alejandro had tuition in drumming with Omar Gaona and Diego Alejandro. Nowadays he studies drums and percussion with professor Pablo La Porta and studies music with Marcelo Torres.

Today its members are: Marcelo Huertas (piano, arranger and composition), Fernando Codazzi (bass), Luciana Morelli (voice), Diego Braconi (bandoneon) and Ariel Chisleanschi (drums).