Vale Tango Sextet

his aggregation is one of the most representative of the last generation tango. The group was put together in the mid- 1999 and, since then, it has appeared at the most important national and international venues.

Even when sticking to a traditional style, its interpretations show a special delicacy and freshness. Furthermore, the original charts devised by Andrés Linetzky stand out.

A very important step was his contribution to the Robert Duvall’s and Francis Ford Copolla’s film, Assasination Tango, in which a Linetzky’s number, “Rey de copas”, can be heard. The movie did not have the quality expected but the music was highly praised.

They also appeared at the musical Danza Maligna, arranged by Linetzky, premiered at the Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires —version 2003— and with it they appeared at the Theatre National Chaillot in Paris, with great acclaim. As well they released a disc with the same name which was published by the EPSA recording company.

In March 2002 they made their first appearance in European lands. They performed at the Festival of Bordeaux (France) and in San Sebastián (Spain). The following year they traveled to Germany where they cut another disc, Músicas de noche for the label Winter&Winter. This release was distributed worldwide and received laudatory comments by the press of many countries. Thereafter they made a tour of France, and played in Paris, Montpellier, Perpignan and Vaison La Romaine.

In 2005 Vale Tango became a sextet and also included the singer Esteban Riera. In March that year they toured Switzerland and Germany and played at the Oster Tango Festival in Basel. On their comeback to Argentina their third disc was released: Bardi, a homage to Agustín Bardi.

In May 2006 they paid another visit to France where the four appearances at the Theatre National Chaillot in Paris stood out. In September they made five appearances at the Auditorium of Rome, which belonged to the framework of the Festival Buenos Aires Tango.

In 2007 they released Tango Baile, a double-disc album with danceable music. One of them, called “Salón”, includes pieces for dancing at a dancehall. The other, “Escenario”, has pieces for stage dancers. This production was promoted in Europe.

The following year they were part of the cast of the show Tango Baile and played the musical background. And, in October 2008 they cut another compact disc, Live at La Viruta, released by Winter&Winter, a live recording of the three concerts at the La Viruta dancehall.

At that time the orchestra includes: Nicolás Capsitski (lead bandoneon), Amijai Shalev (second bandoneon), Alejandro Schaikis (lead violin), Javiera González (second violin), Patricio Cotella (double bass) and Marcelo Costa (singer). Piano, arrangements and leadership: Andrés Linetzky.

They appeared at the Tango Festival of La Falda, in the province of Córdoba, in February 2009 and, in May on the beaches of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at a concert attended by a great number of people. In May 2010 they traveled to Shanghai (China) to appear in the Argentine stand at the Shanghai International Exhibition.

As we can guess from this short portrayal of its career, the group Vale Tango is a faithful and legitimate ambassador of our urban music and Andrés Linetzky is an excellent leader.

Nowadays the sextet is formed by: Federico Pereiro (lead bandoneon), Nicolás Capsitski (second bandoneon), Alejandro Schaikis (lead violin), Pedro Pablo Pedroso (second violin), Nicolás Zacarías (double bass), Andrés Linetzky (piano, arrangements and leadership).