Orquesta Típica La Furca

t was put together in September 1999. It was one of the six orchestras that had formed a cooperative project of tango musicians whose finality was to improve the knowledge of the musical genre as well as to generate a collective and social space in which musicians and public had the possibility to recreate one of the most important identities of the River Plate area.

In its first year the group performed several times on the emblematic Buenos Aires corner of San Juan and Boedo.

Since the late 1999 until the present it appeared at La manzana de Las Luces, Centro cultural La Fábrica, Café El Almacén, Club Social y Cultural El Luchador, at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and at the Café Homero, among other venues. In the summers of 2000 and 2001 the orchestra made tours along the Argentine Atlantic coast.

In the late 2002 the Orquesta Típica La Furca recorded its first CD, De puro guapo, which includes 14 tango pieces.

The group is lined-up by young musicians with formal musical training. With the background of classical music they approach tango in order to recover the music of the large orchestras that stood out in the 40s and 50s, and which later were disbanded. Osvaldo Pugliese inspired the style of La Furca but the arrangements are mostly their own.

Members (2003);
Bandonions: Christian di Iorio, Federico Vázquez, Juan Ignacio Pérez Barrera
Bass: Mariana Borghi
Piano: Marina Arripe
Violins: Valeria Collante, Marcos Press, Ramiro Miranda
Singer: Hernán Lucero
Violonchelo: Federico Giriboni