Silvina Damiani

Tango in Buenos Aires Book Fair

n Sunday May 10, 2015 two tango books were presented at the Feria del Libro in Buenos Aires, at the stand of the province of Santiago del Estero: Tango Argentino, Memoria y Testimonio by Ricardo García Blaya and Historias de Tango, la Música Nos Lleva by Michael Lavocah.

It was a wonderful encounter with the participation of Ricardo García Blaya, director and founder of the Todo Tango website, Norberto Regueira, vicepresident of the Centro de Estudios Gardelianos and Adolfo Marino Ponti, author and member of the SADAIC’s (Sociedad Argentina de Autores y Compositores) Examining Board of Lyrics.

The dancers María Olivera and Gustavo Benzecry Sabá were responsible for bringing the art touch to the encounter by dancing a tango and a milonga.

The counterpoint between Regueira and García Blaya was relentless and they both managed to give an account of the contents of their books.

Ponti’s contribution was welcomed and offered an adequate framework for the presentation of these two texts.

The Argentine Tango Society sponsored this activity by complying with its main original objective of promoting tango and encouraging literary releases of the genre.