Silvina Damiani

Cocktail party to pay homage to Víctor Lavallén at the Marabú

he renowned bandoneonist Víctor Lavallén was paid a well-deserved homage at the historical Marabú as protagonist of a documentary that proposes a hand-in-hand encounter with this worthy Argentine musician.

The audiovisual presentation, titled Típico Víctor, was made by Daniel Tonelli and Marcelo Turrisi and produced by The Argentine Tango Society. The screening was attended by great outstanding personalities of Argentine tango and an audience that crowded the facilities of the local. Some of the renowned attendants were, among others: Claudio Segovia, the creator of the mythical show Tango Argentino, the bandoneonist Fabio Hager and the president of the Academia Nacional del Tango, Gabriel Soria.

For the occasion, The Argentine Tango Society offered a cocktail party whose two most touching instances were the words by Ricardo García Blaya paying homage to the collector Héctor Lucci, who passed away on March 6 and, later, the quivering sound of Víctor Lavallén’s bandoneon playing “Quejas de bandoneón” along with two young students of the Orquesta Escuela: Bruno Ludueña and Nicolás Vázquez.

As final touch, the English writer Michael Lavocah presented his book Historias del tango danza. La música nos lleva and signed books while the audience was delighted with a dessert table.