Néstor Pinsón

Orchestras and aggregations led by Fulvio Salamanca

is first orchestra made its debut on May 11, 1957 on Radio Splendid and was lined up as follows: Eduardo Cortti, Luis Maggiolo, Julio Esbrez and Adolfo Gómez (bandoneons); Elvino Vardaro, Aquiles Aguilar, Lázaro Becker, Edmundo Baya and Jorge González (violins); Ítalo Bessa (double bass); Fulvio Salamanca (piano and leadership); Jorge Garré and Andrés Peyró (vocalists).

Soon thereafter in that same year there was an important renewal: the singer Peyró, the bandoneon players Maggiolo, Adolfo Gómez and the violinists Aguilar, Jorge González, Becker and Baya quit. And the following joined the group: Miguel Carrasco and Osvaldo Rizzo —aka Pichuquito— (bandoneons); Alfonso Bernaba, Julio Graña, José Carli and Eugenio Nápoli (violins) and the singer Armando Guerrico.

In the 60s he put together a trio along with Julio Esbrez (bandoneon) and Alberto Celenza (double bass), later replaced by José Alegre.

In the mid- 80s he put together a sextet with Alberto Vidal and Alberto Zeni (bandoneons), Carlos Piccione and Daniel Magenat (violins), Francisco Rueda (double bass) and Salamanca (piano and leadership). On some occasions he added another bandoneon, played by Carlos Niesi.

Throughout his thirty-year-old tango career he eventually hired other musicians: Mario Montagna, Osvaldo Piro, Oscar Bassil, Eduardo Micheli (bandoneon players); Raúl Domínguez, Daniel Murnstein, Benjamín Gisbert, Fernando Suárez Paz, Emilio Pando, Pedro Aguilar, Simón Bajour, Alberto Besprovan (Tito), Víctor Braña, Mauricio Marcelli, Leo Lipesker and Domingo Antonio Mancuso (violinists); Rafael del Bagno, Román Arias and Mario Monteleone (bass players).

His singers were: Mario Luna, Julio Rodolfo (Piazzita) —also bass player—, Luis Roca, Luis Correa, Alberto Hidalgo and Carlos Nogués.

Based on information from a Buenos Aires Tango Club installment.