Toda mi vida Tango
Ricardo García Blaya

15th Anniversary of a passion

n Tuesday, October 28, 2014 Todo Tango celebrated its fifteenth anniversarywith a cocktail at the legendary Marabú on Maipú Street.

It was an unforgettable party because not only did we celebrate a birthday but also a solid alliancewith The Argentine Tango Society, an entitythat, as from September 2013, sponsors our portal.

Even though the weather was not fair —at the time of the appointment it rained cats and dogs—, there were two hundred guests present at the event.

After an hour of lunch and champagne, I thanked the attendance of the audience with a short but conceptualtoast.Firstly, for the happy anniversary; later, for the sponsoring entity and its mentor, Mr. Jo Fish, a wise generous man; for María’s patience, mywife, and my five children. Furthermore,I remembered the founders of Todo Tango; the friends that passed away andthose who have currently contributed to us for these fifteen years.

Thereafter a trailer of Todo Tango was screened. It was especiallymade for this celebration and it was warmly welcomed.

Meanwhile, the spirits of Aníbal Troilo and Carlos Di Sarli happily wandered around the Marabú, alongside Francisco Fiorentino, El Cachafaz and other tango heroes who were humming the melody notes of “Toda mi vida”.

Jo Fish’s words were the prologue of the main attraction of the evening: the complete screening of the movie Leyendas del Tango Danza, a gem that is the testimony of themilonga porteñaand its cult dancers. It is worthwhile mentioning that nearly all the protagonists were present.

It was a splendid evening, with people that truly love tango, which reunited artists (I will not mention anyone for fear of omissions), entrepreneurs, chancellery personnel, union men, relatives, personal friends andregular patrons of the La Mesa del Café (users of our forum).

Everything went along in a mood of comradeship and friendship, taking into account all the way that is still ahead for our work and, at the same timeenjoying our passion: popular music and our Argentine tango.

Hail, tango!