Jorge Porres

Chronicle of a much awaited dinner

here were new sensations in this celebration for the twelfth anniversary of Todo Tango and the tenth of La Mesa del Café.

When I entered it seemed to me that I was carried by those who were there, that the Boa and José Pedro were at the door. I was sure it was that way. We almost stumbled against the table where the one in charge of collecting the money was. That is to say Ricardo García Blaya together with Martita Rossi. How nice was she! He gave me a card and told me «one hundred and forty» ($ 140). Yes, he told me that and added «Don’t try to be smart», while he hid María Victoria who is not so small.

We entered and I was quite impressed by the number of people. How could we know who was who? I kissed everybody. One lady told me: «Please, sir, don’t do it again, you’ve just kissed me three times». Her husband looked at me and I thought that I was about to get the first blow of the evening. When I was to kiss another person María Victoria shook my arm and told me: “You fool, don’t you see it’s a waiter!” And so we went on trying to find a place where to sit.

Coco del Abasto."/>

Three seats had been booked for Coco. What’s this?…why three seats? Abel Palermo told me just in case he would turn over with his car again. No comments. Finally we sat down. It was at a table for stooges. Strange as it seems.

Until that time there was no food, only selected recordings. Néstor Pinsón and Palermo were our watchtower men. Then a tray with nibbles came but we were unlucky. The ones on the other side were faster. Rolón jumped as a diver and the only thing we managed to see were the olives he hid in his pocket because he ate all the rest.

But now it was our turn! Palermo and Pinsón began to eat like mad and gave something to María Victoria while Ricardo told us something about the vintage of the wine. And I still had nothing. At the table beside us (folk music), Gra (unicabettyboop) explained to us the advantage of wearing a poncho. She had been knitting one for three years and expects that the following winter it will be finished. A female cousin of mine ordered it for stealing things in Wall Mart. Now she’s sort of a thief.

Behind us Dr Tango was measuring the place to find where he could place the Sans Souci at the following rendezvous. He found out the solution: he will hang two bandoneons from the ceiling and he’ll say that they are two hams. But I think people shall discover it… On the other side Edu Dancy and his couple were seated. She was taking photos and he was taking pictures of all the girls. And at a corner was Mr.Améndola who still does not know what color taxi cabs are. He was robbed of all the ones he had. This boy would deserve a recognition.

Then Jorge Dobalo, a singer I like, he knows it,… did not sing. I was unable to hit anything. I returned because the meat pies were served. I told Ricardo Fork and Carlos Bottini that they had to talk to Rolón so that he would stop eating for a while, otherwise we would end up at Mc Donald’s. Fortunately Mele seemed to be on a diet, otherwise we would have had to fight with Rolón. The distribution of meat pies was okay with us on this side but on the other side they were run out. Good heavens! Horacio began to beg and scratched the table. We had to hand him two and a bottle of red wine.

Now the show started: two wonderful guitarists. In the meantime the canneloni arrived and Nora Roca appeared on the stage. Rodolfo, cunningly, took advantage of the circumstances and stole Palermo a piece of canneloni. Fortunately, he did not realize it otherwise it would have meant hell.

Later María José Mentana. Come and see. Pinsón asked: «Does this beauty also sing?» and he told me: «You know something, I need a nurse», no one believed him. Opposite us there was the Fresedo family. Because of their thrill they threw everything out of the table. Only a salt shaker was left… Later Miguel Recuerdo and Tere, friends, what else! Miguel has to do with the radio, is a collector and now steals cabs.

I came back to my table when the dessert was arriving: ice cream or fruit salad. I, absent-mindedly, thought that Fork was stealing something from me, he was licking his lips with pleasure and told me: «Next time we’ll make it at home and if you like fruit salad I’ll prepare it for you in the bathtub». I failed to hit anything but I was able to see how they were chatting, the friedship that was growing strong and I felt like printing postcards of that moment.

What an evening! I’m deeply satisfied in my soul. We have added something more. That’s good! For ten years I have been walking along Todo Tango. I was not expecting these moments of happiness.

We went out, Fernando de Boulogne asked us: «Does anyone want a ride?», «Let’s go», we replied. On our way back home he asked me if I had a cell phone. I searched and told him «Here it is». And he answered: «what you hold in your hand is a meat pie». Thanks, at least I finally hit one.

Hugs for everybody while we wait for the next!

Editor’s Note: It is important to highlight that in this Todo Tango’s twelfth anniversary Mario Bosco —our Coco del Abasto—, Aníbal Fernández and Jorge Porres (El Apóstol) received a simple but heartfelt present as recognition for their contribution to La Mesa del Café that started around the beginnings of its creation ten years ago.