Ricardo García Blaya

The publishing houses of tango sheet music (Second part)

ith this work we finish the list of publishing houses of tango sheet music that were important until 1920.

Alfredo O. Francalanci. Also: Litografía Musical Francalanci. Viamonte 1702, Buenos Aires. He published in his own graphic workshops and worked as printer for other publishing houses from the early days of the twentieth century, to say the least, until around 1920 when he ceased his printing labor. He published La Novedad Musical de la Semana, a periodical release of sheet music with a different piece of music every Monday. People from our country, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico and Cuba were able to be subscribers. Out of 51 releases in 1908, 18 were tango pieces. In 1909 they would be 16.

Roque Gaudiosi. Music Printing Enterprise. Also: Music Printing Workshop. Since around 1905 it was located on Santiago del Estero 968, Buenos Aires and, around 1915, on Salta 1160. He worked as printer for other houses, for composers that personally published their pieces and, also as publisher. His works always were of a high quality in a trade that searched a quick sale with lower prices.

Geipel Hnos., Publishers. Florida 587 and Corrientes 1776, Buenos Aires. This firm owned a factory and a shop for the sale of music instruments and their accessories. It published between 1905 and 1910 approximately.

A. Gianeo. Publishing house. Corrientes 1580, Buenos Aires. It published in the Ortelli Hnos printing house.

David Grimberg. Casa Grimberg. Florida 370 and Victoria 727, Buenos Aires. It published from around 1915.

Carmelo Ianone e Hijo, Publishers. San Juan 2184, Buenos Aires. It published between 1905 and 1910 approximately.

M. Ibarburo, Publisher. Pasco 542, Buenos Aires. It published in the Ortelli printing house (c.1915).

P. A. Iparraguirre, Publisher. Gral. Mitre 400, Avellaneda, province of Buenos Aires. It published between 1905 and 1910, approximately.

Joubert Hnos. y Cía. It published in the Francalanci printing house (c.1905).

La Editora Musical Argentina (L.E.M.A.). Callao 345, Buenos Aires. It published in the Ortelli printing house (.1910).

Roberto S. Lamy, Publisher. San Juan 2220, Buenos Aires. (c.1920).

Domingo Larrosi, Publications. Pergamino 720, Flores, Buenos Aires. It published in the Ortelli printing house (c.1905).

Domingo La Salvia, Publisher. San Juan 2220, Buenos Aires. He published between 1905 and 1915 approximately; on some occasions at the Ortelli printing house.

J. A. Lemos y Cía. Florida 344, Buenos Aires. He had a shop that sold pianos and sheet music. He published at the Astengo printing house from around 1916.

Llodrá, Fortich y Cía. Establecimiento Musical Casa Mozart. Serrano 2409, Buenos Aires. It published around 1905 and 1910.

Luis Mandrés. Also: Ediciones Casa Mandrés. Rosario, province of Santa Fe. This house founded in 1871, was importer and music publisher and was announced in Rosario as «the oldest in the trade». Around 1910, located on Libertad 849/853, Rosario and on 9 de Julio 40, Córdoba city; later on Sarmiento 849/853, Rosario and on 9 de Julio 143/147 and, also on Colón 150, Córdoba. It had its own printing house (Talleres Gráficos Luis Mandrés, Sarmiento 849, Rosario). It published around 1910 and 1915.

Julio Martel. Garay 2370, Buenos Aires. It published in the Ortelli printing house (c.1915).

Pedro Martel. Yapeyú 531, Buenos Aires (1916).

Carlos Matera, Editor. Alsdo: Carlos Matera Imprenta Musical. Gorriti 2410, Buenos Aires. It published tangos around 1915 and 1920.

F. Matera y Cía., Music Printing. Libertad 132, Buenos Aires. They made works as publishers and for other publishers (c.1910).

J. A. Medina e Hijos, Publishers. La Casa Medina, founded in the 1870s, was also renowned for making pianos, for its music shop and it was an important publishing house with its own lythography. It has published music since 1880 and tangos since around 1905 and 1910. By this time it was located firstly on Florida 248, Buenos Aires and later on Florida 119. Towards 1910 on Florida 255. It stood out as a publisher of Argentine music of all the genres for over fifty years.

Medina y Di Vico, Publishers. 24 de Septiembre 283, Buenos Aires (c.1920).

Miguel Monteverde. Corrientes 3193, Buenos Aires. It published in the Ortelli printing house. Between 1915 and 1920, approximately.

G. Neumann, Publications. Florida 415, Buenos Aires. Another prestigious music house of our city. It published since 1889 and, tangos from around 1910, Some of them at the Ortelli printing house. In later decades it went on publishing and also distributing for other publishers.

F. Nuñez y Cía. Sucesores de Fco. Nuñez. Sarmiento 1566, Buenos Aires. Publishing house belonging to the guitar factory, specialized in music for this instrument; it published some tangos (c.1920).

Ortelli Hnos., Publisher. Belgrano 2943, Buenos Aires. House founded in the later years of the nineteenth century. It owned the lithographic and printing house trademark La Nacional which made works such as labels for liquor companies, etc. On its sheet music copies at the foot of the page there was: «Edición Ortelli’s – Buenos Aires». Later: «Imprenta Musical Ortelli Hnos. Belgrano 2947. Buenos Aires». They published a large number of tangos as from around 1902. In 1912 they published Música Reclame, a periodical release with sheet music copies and ads. They printed the music of composers that held the royalties of his pieces like Arturo De Bassi and Ángel Villoldo. They worked for other music publishers like Juan S. Balerio, Luis F. Rivarola and J. M. Baña, among the most important and, also, for publishers of Uruguay. The music works by Ortelli always kept the highest quality in printing and artwork. The company continued printing, at least, for the two following decades.

F. Paolantonio, Francassi y Cía. Corrientes 1834, Buenos Aires (c.1910).

Francisco de Paula, Talleres Gráficos Musicales. Also: Tipo-lito Musical de F. de Paula. Located on Avenida de Mayo 1053, Buenos Aires (c.1915-1918); also on Brasil 1190 and Montes de Oca 1683 (c.1920).

Emilio Peiré. Also: Casa E. Peiré. Alvarez 444, Buenos Aires (c.1920). According to information supplied by the IAET, Emilio Peiré was the greatest clandestine publisher in Buenos Aires and, therefore, of the country. He run a large organization with which he obtained, through different means, tango music and he distributed it in music shops. His fake publications in many cases were released before the original ones.

Héctor N. Pirovano. Editorial Musical Pirovano. Pasco 1440, Buenos Aires. Between 1915 and 1920 this publishing house began its business and continued publishing tangos until the present.

David Poggi e Hijo, Editores. A house founded in Buenos Aires in 1860. In 1875 it was already established on Calle Artes 288 with «music shop´ and sale of instruments, «European and national music». In the 1890s it published sheet music; the company name was: David Poggi. It started to publish tangos in the early days of the twentieth century on Artes 418/420. It continued at the same address but the name of the street changed into Carlos Pellegrini in 1907. It was agent for the Casa Sonzogno of Milan. Around 1915 the house was taken over by Alberto S. Poggi. In the 20s it was also known as Antigua Casa Poggi.

E. E. Prélat y Hno., Publishing. Located on Santa Fe 2837/41, Buenos Aires; around 1910, with branch on Santa Fe 2030. Around 1915 the company name was: Emilio E. Prélat, with address on Santa Fe 2837 and, by the end of the decade, on Tucumán 2999.

Luciano A. Prélat, Publishing. By the end of the nineteenth century it was located on Corrientes 2999, Buenos Aires. Later, on Corrientes 4310. It published at the Astengo printing house (c.1905-1910).

Luis F. Rivarola, Publisher. Also: L. F. Rivarola, Editor. By the turn of the nineteenth century when he began to publish music it was domiciled on Artes 1851, Buenos Aires. In 1900 it was located on Piedad 909. He had a shop with pianos for sale. He published tangos from the beginning of the twentieth century. Later it was located on Piedad 884 (after 1903 it was named Bartolomé Mitre). There he published his series: «Los mejores tangos criollos para piano». Thereafter he moved to Bernardo de Irigoyen 143 (1913-1918). He printed his publications in the F. Matera’s and the Ortelli printing houses.

Romero y Agromayor, Publishers. Bartolomé Mitre 947, Buenos Aires. They published tangos from the beginning of the twentieth century up to 1915. At this time they published at the Yantorno, Arista y Cía. printing house.

Romero y Fernández. Company that followed the above. On the same address (c.1915) and with branch on Florida 255. Around 1920 it established its headquarters on Cangallo 1574 and branches on Bartolomé Mitre 947 and Florida 255. By that time its sole owner was José B. Romero.

Sociedad Argentina de Compositores. Florida 385, Buenos Aires (c.1910-1915).

Primitivo Sosa. San Martín 934, Rosario, Santa Fe. He published at the Ortelli Hnos printing house between 1905 and 1910, approximately. Thereafter it was located on Rioja 959, Rosario and published then at the Ortelli and Francalanci printing houses (c.1915).

Rosario Spinelli. San Luis 2826, Buenos Aires. It published at the Ortelli printing house from around 1905 to 1910.

M. A. Trebino. Belgrano 2942/47, Buenos Aires. It published at the Ortelli printing house from around 1912. In the early 20s it released its «Edición económica 20 centavos» (lower price edition).

Yantorno y Cía., Buenos Aires. For a time it was known as Yantorno, Arista y Cía., Editores de Música. They possessed their own printing workshops (c.1905-1910).

Source: Instituto Argentino de Estudios sobre el Tango, Appendix 4, Publishers of tango music.