Ricardo García Blaya

The night waltzes

n the tango songbook there are hundred of pieces whose titles evoke night, surely, the most romantic time of the day, but also, the hours when sadness and loneliness are most deeply felt.

There are many numbers originated in the inspiration of our creators dedicated to the time when the day is gone. We shall firstly enumerate waltzes because their number is smaller if compared with tangos.

We shall do it taking into account the most important recordings and, also, some sheet music copies. We have counted fifty-seven. Of course this is not a final figure at all, there must surely be more waltzes that as soon as we find them we shall later include them.

In this subject matter that refers to night the moon and stars cannot be absent for they are romantic love symbols very often appearing in titles and lyrics. Because of that we include waltzes that allude to them.

A notable feature that sprang up in the present research is the number of recordings made by the Francisco Canaro orchestra. Another thing that attracted our attention is the predominance of pieces with vocals over the instrumentals.

Few of these numbers were successful: “Noches de Atenas”, “Luna de arrabal”, “Bajo un cielo de estrellas” and “Estrellita del sur” just to name a few. But most them, among which we may found very beautiful melodies, were successful for a very limited period and today are forgotten.

1) “Anoche estuve llorando”, Alfredo De Angelis with Lalo Martel on vocals (Carlos Sánchez).

2) “Anoche soñé”, Francisco Canaro with the vocalist Eduardo Adrián (José Bohr).

3) “Anoche te soñé”, Héctor Varela with Jorge Rolando and the Quinteto Pirincho (Mario Canaro and Abel Aznar).

4) “Duendes en la noche”, Mauricio Marcelli-Normando Lazara Duo (Ismael Spitalnik).

5) “En el silencio de la noche”, Canaro with Charlo and Canaro with Ada Falcón (Roberto Firpo and Vicente Planells del Campo).

6) “En la noche azul”, Canaro with Francisco Amor (Francisco Maquieira and Juan Carlos Patrón).

7) “Esa noche”, De Angelis with Julio Martel, Domingo Federico with Carlos Vidal and other renditions (Tito Ribero and Carlos Waiss).

8) “Feliz noche de amor”, Orquesta “El Estilo de Don Florindo Sassone”, with Rodolfo Lemos (Florindo Sassone and Rodolfo Lemos).

9) “La canción de la noche”, Francisco Lomuto with Jorge Omar (José and César Gola).

10) “La noche que me esperes”, Canaro with Roberto Maida, Juan Canaro with Andrés Falgás, Osvaldo Pugliese with Morán and others (Juan Canaro).

11) “Las doce de la noche”, Lidia Borda (Mabel Wayne, Dixon and Rose).

12) “Noche calurosa”, Roberto Firpo, Juan Cambareri, Cuarteto Los Ases (Firpo).

13) “Noche calurosa”, Julio De Caro with Luis Díaz (Julio De Caro).

14) “Noche de amor”, Canaro (Canaro).

15) “Noche de estío”, Alberto Gómez (Domingo Vassalotti and Fortunato Betti).

16) “Noche de estrellas”, Canaro with Ernesto Famá, Orquesta Típica Víctor with Mario Corrales —later renamed Mario Pomar— (José Luis Padula and Enrique Cadícamo).

17) “Noche de frío”, Firpo (Firpo).

18) “Noche de tormenta”, Ignacio Corsini (Alberto Acuña and José De Cicco).

19) “Noche deseada”, Canaro with Juan Carlos Rolón (Canaro and Ivo Pelay).

20) “Noche primaveral”, Canaro with Francisco Amor (Bernardino Terés).

21) “Noche silenciosa”, Ignacio Corsini (Ignacio Corsini).

22) “Noche sin sueño”, Edmundo Rivero (Miguel A. Navarro).

23) “Noche veneciana”, Canaro with Ada Falcón (Luis D’Andrea).

24) “Noches blancas”, Charlo (Juan Carlos Cobián and Enrique Cadícamo).

25) “Noches correntinas”, Edgardo Donato with Horacio Lagos, Juan Cambareri with Alberto Casares, Juan Giliberti (Juan Giliberti).

26) “Noches de amor”, Canaro (Canaro).

27) “Noches de Atenas”, Carlos Gardel, Canaro with Famá, Sassone with Jorge Casal and others (Horacio Pettorossi).

28) “Noches de insomnio”, Juan Caldarella with Mercedes Sucre (Pascual Clausi and Antonio Salera).

29) “Noches de invierno”, Orquesta Típica Víctor with Lita Morales (José Luis Padula and Enrique Cadícamo).

30) “Noches de Montevideo (Brisas del Plata)”, Roberto Lurati with Carlos Burgos and the Méndez Sisters (Roberto Lurati).

31) “Noches de Plata”, Corsini, (Rosendo Pesoa and José De Cicco).

32) “Noche de Plata”, Canaro with Charlo and Canaro with Ada Falcón (Rafael Iriarte and Julio Navarrine).

33) “Noches de serenata”, Cuarteto Los Ases (Héctor Demattei).

34) “Noches orientales”, Dúo Bazán–Firpo (Ángelo María Metallo).

35) “Nocturno”, Canaro with Charlo (Agustín Bardi and Francisco García Jiménez).

36) “Oscuras noches”, Argentino Ledesma (Osvaldo Rivas and A. Ledesma).

37) “Nocturno a Rosario”, Jorge Vidal with guitars (Sebastián Piana and Homero Manzi).

38) “Romance en la noche”, Francisco Lomuto with Alberto Rivera (Martín Darré and Julio Albano).

39) “Una noche de amor”, Pedro Maffia with Francisco Fiorentino (Juan Dibasto and Juan Belando).

40) “Una noche en Okayama”, Trío Yumba (Pastor Cores and Norberto Ramos).

41) “Flor de una noche”, no recordings (Pedro Datta).

42) “Noche de mayo”, no recordings (Pugliese and Eduardo Moreno).

43) “Caballero de la luna”, Enrique Rodríguez with Armando Moreno (Krier).

44) “Canción de luna”, Juan Cao with Alberto Bianchi (Juan Cao, Mario Orrico and Miguel Buranelli).

45) “Cielo y luna”, Héctor Varela (H. Varela).

46) “Luna [b]”, Edgardo Donato with Horacio Lagos (Donato and Sandalio Gómez).

47) “Luna de arrabal”, Lomuto with Fernando Díaz, Alberto Castillo, Hugo del Carril and some others (Julio César Sanders and Cadícamo).

48) “Luna de plata”, Miguel Caló with Rafael Iriarte (Osmar Maderna and Miguel Caló).

49) “Luna redonda”, Imperio Argentina (Andrés Domenech and García Jiménez).

50) “Mal de luna”, Luis Tolosa (Luis Martino and Julio Camilloni).

51) “Reflejos de luna”, Firpo (Firpo).

52) “Sombras de luna”, Trío Berretín with Patricia Ferro Olmedo (Sacri Delfino and Alejandro Szwarcman).

53) “Mi estrella”, Gardel, Saúl Salinas (S. Salinas).

54) “Se apagó una estrella”, Juan D’Arienzo with Armando Laborde and Emilio Pellejero with Carlos Roldán (E. Pellejero, Gerónimo Yorio and Julio Santanera).

55) “Bajo un cielo de estrellas”, Troilo with Florentino, Caló with Alberto Podestá, Lomuto with F. Díaz and several more (Enrique Francini, Atilio Stampone and José María Contursi).

56) “Estrella fugaz”, no recordings (Luis Stazo and Enrique Cadícamo).

57) “Estrellita del sur”, Alberto Castillo with his orchestra, Gobbi with Maciel, Kaplún with Rodolfo Díaz (Felipe Coronel Rueda).