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El irresistible - Lorenzo Logatti, “El irresistible”

e was born in Foggia, Italy, and was clarinetist and composer. His father, a professional musician, taught him his first lessons. Later, he continued his studies with other teachers and joined bands and orchestras in his province and also in Naples. He even led a band in Ancona.

In November 1898 he arrived in our country and soon managed to join the orchestra of the Teatro Colón which was conducted by Luigi Mancinelli. He also was member of orchestras that played in operettas and zarzuelas.

During the carnival dances at the Teatro Ópera he premiered in 1908 his tango “El irresistible”. At that time the repercussion in the audience was so important that a pair of dancing partners —according to a story— approached the bandstand in order to know its title. It was the female dancer who asked about it. When the bandleader pointed out at a musician saying he was the composer of the tune, the latter answered that he had not yet given a title to the piece. Then she added:
- But it’s irresistible.
- That’s it, that’ll be its title: “El irresistible” and when I publish it I’ll be glad to dedicate it to you. What’s your name?
— Write only to L. —she ended.

And so it appeared in the first edition. By that time, Ángel Villoldo, under the sobriquet Mario Reguero, added a circumstantial lyric to it. Later, Carlos Pesce wrote another one.

That same year, for the one and only time, Logatti joined a popular tango orchestra for a dancing party at an entertainment center.

The social and cultural milieu of the tango fans scared him to death, or produced in him a sort of uneasy feeling, that he never again appeared in the milieu as player. He worked in groups of light music and in the orchestra of the Teatro Politeama.

Other tangos of his were: “El cabrero”, “El galán”, “Poetisa”, “Susceptible”, “Sugestivo”, “¿Cómo le va?”, “El Florida” and “Te quiero mucho”.

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