Mimí Kozlowski

Real name: Kozlowski, Mimí
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Complete name: Noemí Ester Kozlowski
Date and birthplace: in the neighborhood of Palermo (Buenos Aires), on October 21.

ince an early age she began her musical studies, devoting herself to piano and guitar. Her career as singer started in Brazil, singing at barrooms in Búzios and Rio de Janeiro, performing a Latin American repertoire. She continued in Paris, where she was based since 1987 until mid- 1992. There tango grew in importance in her repertory.

She returned to Buenos Aires in 1996 and in 1997 she finished the recording of her disc “Nueve tangos y un candombe” ( awarded with Premio de la Tribuna de Música Argentina, organized by the UNESCO’s Argentine Council of Music, 1998), along with Orlando Trípodi, Daniel Binelli and Hugo Romero, among others. Since that year she has been regularly appearing at the traditional bar Clásica y Moderna.

In France she appeared at: “Nuit Tango” (1991/92), along with the quartet led by Cholo Montironi. In Buenos Aires she appeared at “Tango Suite” (1993), alongside Orlando Trípodi and his quartet; at Café Homero and at La Plaza (1994), alongside Susana Ratcliff, in “A Puro Grupo”; at the Centro de Divulgación Musical (1998), in “Sesiones de Tango”; at the Club del Vino (1998), with “Nueve tangos y un candombe”. In the city of Mar del Plata she appeared that same year, at the Teatro Colón, with “De palabras y canciones”.

In the United States she presented her show “Tango y Canciones” (1999), at the Kennesaw State University, Georgia.

On her comeback she performed “Ciclo de Tango Ciudadano” (2002), at the café El Ciudadano, under the auspices of the embassy of the Argentine Republic in Uruguay. She as well presented “Hacedores de Paz II” (2002), organized by the UN, at the theater El Galpón.

In Buenos Aires she appeared at the Teatro Cervantes (2003) as guest singer of the “Orquesta Inspiración”, along with Guillermo Galvé; in Clásica y Moderna (2004), in “Tango y Canciones”. By the end of that year she appeared in Neuchatel, Switzerland, at the Theatre du Passage, with “Tango Mon Amour”, reprising in January 2005.

She composed several pieces, among them, “Para qué”, “Dónde queda el paraíso and the candombe “País”, included in her disc.