La Puñalada

Real name:
Guitar trio and singer
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Germán Arens: singer
Sergio Arens: guitar
Francisco Romagnoli: guitar
Fernando Luciani: guitarrón (bass guitar)

he group began in December 2001, in the city of Bahía Blanca, with the intention of performing tangos composed between 1915 and 1940, approximately.

La Puñalada is comprised by a singer and three guitarists that model their style after the guitar work that used to be the accompaniment for Carlos Gardel, Ignacio Corsini and Edmundo Rivero.

Their repertoire may include classics of the genre, such as “Mi noche triste”, “Muñeca brava” or “Yira, yira”, and tough tangos in lunfardo like “Las diez de última”, besides milongas and criollo waltzes.

The group play pieces by composers of the level of Samuel Castriota, Matos Rodríguez, Juan Carlos Cobián, Gardel-Razzano and by consecrated lyricists: Pascual Contursi, Celedonio Flores, Enrique Cadícamo, Enrique Santos Discépolo, Felipe Fernández (“Yacaré”) and, among others, the writer from Bahia Blanca, Eduardo Giorlandini, whose tango “Aguja brava” was musicalized by Edmundo Rivero.