Magalí Fontana

Real name: Fontana, Magalí
(26 December 1979 - )
Place of birth:
San Martín de las Escobas (Santa Fe) Argentina

he was born in San Martín de las Escobas (province of Santa Fe). Since an early age she had an inclination for music and singing. At age 9 she started to sing folk music and in 1990 she was awarded the first Prize at the Festival Juvenil de Santo Tomé. In 1991 she had the chance to sing with León Gieco as a duo in Cañada Rosquín (Santa Fe) and did it again in 1995.

In 1996 in Santa Fe she was awarded the first Prize as tango soloist at the Encuentro Juvenil de Cultura de la Provincia. Since then she followed the roads of tango and appeared alongside Carlos Cristal, Luis Filipelli, Alberto Bianco, El Chino Alberto Hidalgo and Abel Córdoba, among others.

In 1998, in the city El Trébol, she performed at the Primer Festival Departamental del Tango and that same year she was on television in La Noche con Amigos emceed by Lionel Godoy. In October she sang in La Falda, Córdoba, at the Fiesta del Alfajor along with Rubén Juárez and Silvia Gaudín.

She appeared in the 2000 and 2001 issues of the Fiesta Nacional del Tango at La Falda, alongside Osvaldo Piro, the pianist Oscar De Elía and the singers Jorge Valdez and Virginia Luque.

In August she was awarded the prize Revelation 2000 of the Asociación Rosarina Carlos Gardel. In November she was winner of the Pre-Cosquín in Gálvez and in 2002 she was finalist.

Since then there were many awards, among them we highlight her triumph at the Final Nacional of the Baradero 2003 contest, Province of Buenos Aires.

In March that year she presented Pasión Tanguera, el musical, a show that combined dancing, singing and theater, in Rosario.

She released three discs, the first one: Y con mucho amor (1998), featuring the Gotán Trío. Two years later she recorded Tango te quiero cantar and her latest compact disc Sueño de adoquín (2003), accompanied by Mingo Scalenghe (piano and conductor).