María José Demare

Real name: Demare, María José
Singer and lyricist
(12 April 1949 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Date and birthplace: April 12, in Buenos Aires.

he was born to a family of artists. Her paternal grandfather was a violinist, her uncle was the pianist and composer Lucio Demare, her father Lucas, movie director, her mom was the pianist and actress Norma Castillo.

Since a very young age she studied dancing, later singing and theater. She released her first record at age 19. It included two ballads that she composed, later she was starred in the musical “Hair”. In her early youth she was featured in films with the best directors, later, she was exiled in France during the years of the dictatorship. On her comeback she recorded the album “Viva María”. In 1989 she appeared at the Café Mozart with the show “Heridas”, a solo performance in her first adventure in tango.

In January 1996 she premiered her show “Sangre de Tango” at the Café Tortoni. She appeared at the Café Homero with a show called “Tango y Carmín” and in several venues. She as well premiered the play “El tango es Rubén Juárez”, with the consecrated singer, in Mar del Plata.

With the latter show she made a national tour of all the provinces in 1997. She also joined the Juárez’s company for a tour of Uruguay, Chile, Mexico and the United States. She also appeared at the Tango Festival of Los Angeles, at the Paramount Pictures.

In May the following year she performed at the Cumbre Mundial de Tango de Lisboa (World Summit of Tango in Lisbon) and in August presented again “Sangre de tango” at “El Moroco Tango”. By the end of the year she was featured at the Festival Buenos Aires Tango, at the Centro Cultural Recoleta. With the same show she appeared for a season at the Córdoba hills. She performed at the Festival de Cosquín.

She made a tour of Spain, Morocco and Casablanca. She appeared at the Fiesta de San Isidro at the Plaza Mayor in Madrid and at the Festival of Alcantarillas, in Murcia.

In 2001 she was in the shooting of “Rosarigasinos“, a movie which, besides starring her, includes tangos that she composed and that are performed by the actor Federico Luppi: “Veneno”, with lyrics written by her and Rodrigo Grande, and “Rosarigasinos", by the same lyricists.

In 2002 she was finalist with her song “Cibernética Buenos Aires” at the Festival de la Canción, in Villa María, Cordoba. She also released her last disc, “Alquimia”.