Ana Medrano

Real name: Núñez, Ana María
(30 January - )
Place of birth:
Los Toldos (Buenos Aires) Argentina

ince early childhood she clearly evidenced her destiny as singer. She firstly devoted herself to folk music and later to tango, from which she never parted.

In 1981, she started her professional career after appearing at a contest for new talents that, by that time, was organized by Channel 9 at the program Grandes Valores del Tango emceed by Silvio Soldán. Maestro Horacio Salgán, after hearing her, made her join his orchestra. They made a tour of Japan for three months.

On her comeback she decided to be a soloist and appeared on new stages throughout our country and abroad. She performed alongside great stars: Virginia Luque, Roberto Rufino, Roberto Goyeneche, Alberto Podestá, María Garay, Enzo Valentino, among others.

She also appeared at the most important tango venues: El Viejo Almacén, Caño 14, Michelangelo. She was on television in: Grandes Valores (Channel 9), Tangos y Goles (Channel 11), Sábados Musicales (Channel 7) and Crónica TV.

She was special guest in the orchestras led by Horacio Salgán, José Basso, Omar Valente, José Colángelo, Osvaldo Piro. She recorded two LP’s and a CD with the Omar Valente’s orchestra and another CD with the José Colángeloa> Orchestra.

She went to Japan three times, ten times to the United States, and traveled to Ecuador three times. She as well appeared in Russia, Costa Rica, Mexico and periodically performs in Uruguay and Brazil.