Conjunto Treinta y cuatro Puñaladas

Real name: 34 Puñaladas
Orchestra of plucked strings and singer
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Augusto Macri (guitar)
Edgardo González (guitar)
Juan Lorenzo (guitar)
Hernán Reinaudo (guitarrón)
Alejandro Guyot (vocals)

he group 34 Puñaladas (orchestra of plucked strings and singer) focuses its attention on lunfardo, underground and prison tango songs of the 20s and 30s in order to delve into that dark, forgotten area of the genre in an introspective mood. In this way it exhumes a “politically incorrect” repertory full of stories about drug, tough marginal women, thefts, unrequited love and violence.

The subject matter of these poems and the way of approaching the arrangements represent the artistic concept of the group. The discourse of the guitars, different from the structure of the traditional outfits, is carried out with an orchestral criterion that allows the players to have different roles according to the part of the piece that is performed and to achieve a satisfactory interplay with the singer.

Consequently, we can say that 34 Puñaladas is a genuine product that does not pretend to make a revival of a period, but to highlight the importance that these tangos still have through the similitudes that exist between both social contexts, by means of renderings with an updated artistic material.

34 Puñaladas made its debut in 1998 at Babilonia. Since then they appeared at different venues in Buenos Aires City (La Fábrica, Notorius, Gandhi, Café Tortoni, El Argentino, Paseo La Plaza, Club del Vino) and at the last three editions of the Festival Internacional de Tango de Buenos Aires and at the last edition of the Festival Guitarras del Mundo in September 2002.

In 2002 they released their first CD titled “Tangos carcelarios” which was presented in a crowded room of the Teatro Alvear of Buenos Aires in June that same year. In the late 2002 they were awarded the Premio Clarín as a Tango Revelation and the newspaper La Nación chose them as the Revelation Group in tango in 2002. At present they are about to release their second disc.