hen she was only 14 she made her debut at the El Rincón de los Artistas on Boyacá and Jonte, alongside figures like his father, the well-remembered Alberto Morán, Roberto Goyeneche, Enzo Valentino, Charlo, Oscar Alonso and Alberto Marino. But her formal appearance as tango singer was made at the Café de los Angelitos sponsored by Zita Troilo, Aníbal Troilo’s wife.

In 1980 she joined the cast of Vos Tango, an important tango venue in the neighborhood of Villa Lugano, alongside Jorge Falcón, Rubén Juárez, Ginamaría Hidalgo, Roberto Rufino, Jorge Valdez, Virginia Luque, Hugo Del Carril, Roberto Yanés, among others.

For three years she performed at the cabarets Karin, Karina, King, Maison Doireé, Ferdinando and Pussicat along with Osvaldo Rivas and the tango dancers Juan Carlos Copes and María Nieves. She also made tours of Chile, Mexico and Spain.

Later she joined the cast of Grandes valores del tango, a TV program on Channel 9 emceed by Silvio Soldán. With such show she toured throughout the country.

In 1984 she made tours of the southern provinces of Argentina. The following years she appeared at many clubs and continued touring the country.

Years later she appeared at the Teatro Cervantes with the orchestra led by Osvaldo Piro and as well at the Club del Vino with the actor Franklin Caucedo at the play Teatro de Tango. She is starred in the play La nami, el choma y el gotán. With this show she made tours of Chile. She as well appeared at the official TV channel ATC at the program La noche con amigos emceed by Lionel Godoy and at the local La Cumparsita in San Telmo alongside Alfredo Belusi, Alberto Podestá, Juan Carlos Godoy, Reynaldo Martín and Ruth Durante.

Between 1997 and 1999 she performed at cultural cycles of the Presidencia de la Nación. She was called by ATC to join the cast of the new cycle of Los Amigos del Tango, emceed by Juan Carlos Mareco (Pinocho).

In 2002 she cut a record titled Sangre tanguera accompanied by Adolfo Gómez (bandoneon), Armando Benavídez (bass), Víctor Olivera and Héctor González (keyboards).

She appears at tango venues in the neighborhood of San Telmo and is featured at the tango coterie La noche de Osvaldo Rivas.