Conjunto Milongueros Viejos

Real name: Milongueros Viejos
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Juan Roqué Alsina: violin
Norberto Vogel: bandoneon
Patricio Cotella: double bass
Guillermo Salgado: piano

ilongueros Viejos is a musical project by Norberto Vogel and Juan Roqué Alsina which for over one year have been carrying out an intense and successful career. From the relationship between these musicians, born in previous projects, sprang up the common wish to start a small, ductile and solid group either musically as technically. So after a first "pilot" experience in Europe in the early 2002 they started their task.

The group is characterized by a style rooted in the purest traditions of the musical language of tango. This does not hinder the development of a simultaneous "modern and classic sound", a feature that is the trademark of the arrangements by Norberto Vogel, which comprise the greater part of the repertoire of the group. The solid background of the instrumentalists and musicianship of its members, coming from different fields of the musical business, but with a profound connection and experience in Tango adds to the abovementioned a quality of performance especially polished.

En su algo mas de un año de vida, Milongueros Viejos has displayed an intense activity that includes the recording of its first CD, appearances in Buenos Aires and tours of Australia (November 2002), Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark (February, March an June 2003). All to great acclaim. These tours include performances at theaters, dancehalls and radio stations.

The group is planning new tours for the remainder of the year, as well as a long-term project that proposes to add its sound to the Orquesta Sinfónica (symphonic orchestra) emphasizing the preservation of the classic sonority identified with the tango genre.