n 1996, she won a contest for female singers at the local La Casita de mis Viejos of Villa Urquiza which was emceed by Tito Damiani. There she came to know Luis Cardei and the bandoneon player Antonio Pisano. That same year they would invite her to sing on the stage of the Gandhi bookstore on Corrientes Avenue.

Between 1997 and 2000, she appeared at the Teatro Roma of Avellaneda, at the Bodega (wine vault) of the Café Tortoni, at the coteries of the Quilmes Tango Club, among other venues.

She appeared alongside figures of the level of Osvaldo Ribó, Elsa Rivas, Enzo Valentino, Juan Carlos Godoy, Roberto Ayala, Carlos Cristal, Reynaldo Martín and Ángel Díaz (El Paya).

In the late 1998 she performed at the Sociedad Argentina de Escritores alongside Luis Cardei and Lidia Borda.

In June 1999, she appeared backed by her guitarists at the local Megafón in San Telmo alongside Luis Cardei. She as well sang at the Teatro Roma alongside Enzo Valentino, accompanied by the bandoneonist Eduardo Cortti.

In November she was invited by the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo to appear at a homage to the teacher and guitarist Máximo Barbieri along with Aníbal Arias and Julio Urruti.

In June 2000, at the Teatro Roma she was presented as a revelation among female singers at an event held as homage to Carlos Gardel paid by the city of Avellaneda. She was accompanied by Héctor Arbelo and his guitar group. Other artists at the show were the orchestra led by Gigí de Angelis and Osvaldo Ribó.

By the end of that year she recorded her first CD: Aquellas cartas, accompanied by the guitars led by Carlos Juárez and by the bandoneonist Antonio Pisano.

Finally, she appeared at the show organized by Fabián Luca alongside the group Vale Tango. The show was recorded and she stands out singing “Danza maligna”, “Recuerdo malevo”, among others.