Lucrecia Merico

Real name: Merico, Lucrecia
(25 April - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

a href="">Salvador Merico's grandniece, composer of tango pieces like “Guapo sin grupo”, “De todo te olvidas (Cabeza de novia)”, “Seguí mi consejo”, among others. She started to sing tango in the early 1998 at barrooms and coteries.

She appeared at the cycle Las Voces del Tango organized by the Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación in 1999.

In December 1998, she performed her first at a hall of the Ghandi bookstore, during the 1º Festival Internacional Buenos Aires Tango, organized by the Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

She was finalist of the contest Pre-Cosquín 2000 and, between November 2000 and February 2001, she appeared at the cycle Melodías de Arrabal at the Centro Cultural Recoleta in the city of Buenos Aires.

During 2002 she performed at the cycle Qué Sapa Señor at the Biblioteca Nacional (National Library) and at other Buenos Aires venues. In December she made a tour of Chile and sang in the cities of Valparaíso and Santiago.

Presently she continues presenting her show throughout the city by means of her permanent tour of Los cien barrios porteños (the hundred neighborhoods of Buenos Aires).