Orquesta Contratiempo

Real name: Orquesta Contratiempo
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Piano, leader and arranger: Silvina Paulela
Bandoneons: Jorge Donadio, Miguel Frasca
Violins: Claudio Becker, Daniel Margenat
Viola: Carlos Marcos
Double bass: Fabián Lapenta

n 1998 this outfit appeared in public under the name Sexteto Arrabal. One of its objetives was to recover the tradition of dancing parties with live orchestras. Since then it has appeared regularly at clubs, dancehalls, cultural centers, festivals and auditoriums playing tangos, waltzes and milongas in a style similar to the ones of the orchestras of the 40s and 50s.

We can highlight their performances at: Confitería Ideal, La Casa del Tango, Salón La Argentina, Club Gricel, Club Sunderland, Salón Canning, Torcuato Tasso. They played recitals at the Centro Cultural San Martín, at the Salón Dorado del Palacio de la Legislatura de la Ciudad Buenos Aires and at the Academia Nacional del Tango and appeared at several cycles under the auspices of the Secretary of Culture of the Buenos Aires government.

They made live shows at different radio programs and on the cable channel "Sólo Tango" and on the American channel HBO Olé.

In 2001 they devised the show "El tango vuelve al café de los barrios" and appeared on the circuit of Notable Barrooms and Cafés of the city. The script highlights through its repertory the history of the neighborhood and its people and the relationship between these cafés and tango.

On April 5, 2002 this orchestra released its first CD: “Arrabaleando”, with liner notes by Oscar del Priore included in the pages of the disc cover.