Conjunto La Chicana

Real name: La Chicana
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Dolores Solá: vocals
Acho Estol: guitar, arranger and leader
Julian Hasse: bandoneon
Pol Neiman: percussion
Manuel Onís: bass

ounded in the late 1995 by Dolores Solá, Acho Estol and Juan Valverde, their first intention was to play tango music emphasizing the spirit of transgression, highlighting the canyengue and melodramatic rhythms of the beginnings of tango. Furthermore, they did like some renowned singers such as Carlos Gardel, Ignacio Corsini, Agustín Magaldi who included other folk musical genres in their tango repertory.

They have appeared at traditional venues, dancehalls and different stages in Buenos Aires and abroad. They brought their music to Spain, Germany, Brazil, Canada, England, Senegal and China, and later they incorporated elements of other cultures into their repertory.

They were invited to appear at the official reception in Buenos Aires held to honor the Emperors of Japan. Subsequently the traveled to Africa and made five shows in Dakar, Senegal as part of a cultural exchange.

In January 1999 they performed at the "Buenos Aires Vivo III" festival alongside Mariano Mores Orchestra. In the early days of February they appeared at the festival of popular music in Baradero preceding the Mercedes Sosa’s show. In March they were invited by the Municipalidad de Buenos Aires to perform at the party held in honor of the prince Charles of England.

In April 2000 they made a tour of Spain that included six cities: San Sebastián, Bilbao, Oñate, Vitoria, Huelva and Málaga.

Their first independent recording was “Ayer hoy era mañana”. It reminisces instrumentals of the Guardia Vieja and classics of the 20s and also includes their own numbers. Their second album titled “Un giro extraño” contains tango pieces intending to sound as chamber music and evidences a greater interest for rhythmical aspects, and some folk tune.