Conjunto Los cosos de al lao

Real name: Los cosos de al lao
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Fabián Adell: pianoGustavo Paglia: bandoneonRodolfo May: violinHernán Paglia: double bassJavier "Cardenal" Domínguez: vocals

os cosos de al lao was formed in 1996 and made their debut in November that year at the Regin dancehall, but in a trio setting.

Consolidated as quartet, the group found a style of their own that combines arrangements with improvisation, blending tango with other genres but always keeping its essence. Furthermore they developed their own compositions.

The group has a vast career in our nation and abroad, and appeared alongside prestigious figures of either dance or singing. In Argentina they have played in all the cycles organized by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and at all the dancehalls, besides being one of the staff groups of the legendary Café Tortoni.

As for their international experience, they have made tours of South America on several occasions (Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Cuba), Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Italy), Africa and Japan.

Los cosos de al lao were invited to appear live on different radio stations: Radio Nacional, FM Ciudad, Radio Continental, as well as on television channels.

In their repertoire we can find numbers like “Chiqué”, “Danzarín”, “La yumba”, “Milonga de mis amores”, true classics of the genre.