Cuarteto Pedro Chemes

Real name: Pedro Chemes Cuarteto
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Guitar and arrangements: Pedro Chemes
Violin: Mariana Gaitán
Bandoneon: Carlos Rulfi
Double bass: Fabián Guerrero

edro Chemes cofounded the Cuarteto de la Ochava in 1983 and began the leadership of it in 1987. This group meant a revival of old tango (Guardia Vieja) and was awarded the prize Gardel de Oro in 1990 by the Asociación Gardeliana.

The quartet was comprised by: Elizabeth Magazian (flute), Mariana Gaitán (violin), Sergio Crotti (guitar) and Pedro Chemes (guitar and arranger).

In 1992 they cut a record which was published in Spain and later re-issued in the United States. It was regarded as the best juvenile revivalist group by collectors and fans of traditional tango to whom Chemes dedicated his tango "El coleccionista".

In 1993 he put together the Quinteto Boedo to evoke the presence of tango after the 20s. This outfit and the Cuarteto de la Ochava made a long tour of Spain under the auspices of the Argentine Chancellery.

The Quinteto Boedo was lined-up by: Elizabeth Magazian (flute), Mariana Gaitán (violin), Horacio Romo (bandoneon), Marcos Ruffo (double bass) and Pedro Chemes (guitar and arrangements).

In 1996 he formed the Pedro Chemes Cuarteto with a traditional and contemporary repertory that includes his own pieces.

They appeared at the cycles "Aguante el Tango" held at La Trastienda, the "ABC del Tango", "Primavera Musical de Buenos Aires" and at the IV Festival of tango in Buenos Aires. They made special shows on television for channel 7 and Sólo Tango.

In August 1999 they recorded a disc titled "Tangos" which includes his own compositions and tangos that span from Gardel to Piazzollaa>. María Chemes and Gustavo Luna on vocals and Fabián Keoroglanian on percussion were featured as guest artists.