Dúo Sur la Brunette

Real name: Sur la Brunette
Guitar duo
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Pablo Echaniz: guitar and vocals / Valentín Ponieman: guitar and vocals

oth guitarists are graduates from the school of the Sindicato Argentino de Músicos (SADEM) (Argentine Musicians Union). In the early 2000 they blended their guitars and their voices to give birth to Sur La Brunette.

Because of an invitation to appear at an homage to Leopoldo Marechal, the duet began to write arrangements of classic tangos which would turn out an original novelty, and dared as well to combine tango with other genres.

In July that same year they went to different places of the Federal Capital and the Grand Buenos Aires, appearing along with other tango groups like El Bondi and Batacazo.

In 2001, Sur la Brunette changed its repertory and devoted themselves to what we know as tango reo, emphasizing the guitar work and including milongas and reminiscing the greatest figures of this style, such as Edmundo Rivero, Jorge Vidal, Roberto Grela, among others. However, they do not disregard the work they had been making with traditional tangos, among which we can mention “Afiches”, “Cafetín de Buenos Aires” and “Barrio de tango”. Furthermore, they achieve a deeper identity by adding compositions of their own like “No puedo”, “Corazones”, “Espero”, “Hagamos un paréntesis”, “Que hacé Malvón”.

With their new release they surpassed 60 live appearances in theaters, coteries and barrooms, among them we can mention: the Café Tortoni, Homero Manzi and the Esquina Pugliese.

Puede pasar" is the title of their first record which includes eleven numbers. It was recorded by Marcos Gil and Diego Fagalde was guest artist.

En la actualidad el dúo se reúne ocasionalmente, para participar en espectáculos a los que son invitados y, paralelamente, cada integrante está desarrolando nuevos proyectos. Pablo Echaniz creó La Echaniz Trup, cuyo primer disco Departamento, se presentó en abril de 2006.