Soledad Del Valle

Real name: Pinto, Isabel Beatriz
(22 August 1950 - )
Place of birth:

n July 1972 she won a contest in the city of Ituzaingó (province of Buenos Aires) and immediately she was hired by the entrepreneur Virgilio Machado Ramos, owner of the local La Casa de Carlos Gardel. She made her debut on August 22 that same year to great acclaim. She as well performed at the night-clubs Karim, King and Karina.

In 1973 she made a tour of Japan hired by the Natsui enterprise.

Since then she gigged in the best venues of Buenos Aires: El Lagar del Virrey (today Michelangelo), La Posada de los Siete Peroles, Fuelle, La Ventana, Casablanca and others.

She made many tours throughout the country and went to towns where no one had ever been before in order to sing tango tunes.

In 1979 she was the winner of the contest Buenas Noches Buenos Aires.

In 1994 she joined the theater company ¿Qué te pasa Buenos Aires? directed by Eduardo Cortti and sponsored by Cablevisión S.A.. It was a boom. That same year she recorded her first CD, titled Tango, esa diablura for MGM.

In 1996 she cut her second CD: Flor de Tango. Months later the Instituto de Oratoria awarded her a prize for the best declamation and female oratory, due to her great rendition of the tango piece composed by Lucio Demare and Homero Manzi: "Malena". Some years later that institution awarded her again for her loyalty to national and popular music.

In March 1997 she joined the theater company Flores Porteñas at the Teatro Astral on Corrientes Avenue and the following year, Evocando Sentimientos at the same theater.

The Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación invited her to join the staff of the show Las Voces del Tango for the season 1998/99. At the same time she was hired as special guest to the 25th Anniversary of the Festival pre-Cosquín by the Secretary of Culture of Río Negro.

In April 1999 the Argentine Association of Los Angeles signed her for a month to make a tour of California and its surroundings, USA. She appeared in different cities: Las Vegas, Riverside, San Diego and in Tijuana (Mexico).

She appeared in diferrent periods at the radio stations: Radio Buenos Aires, Radio Splendid, Radio Nacional, FM de la Ciudad and others.

On television she was at La noche con amigos emceed by Lionel Godoy, El Fortín de los Tacunau, emceed by Adelma Tacunau and on various cable channels. She used to sing at the restaurant Il Vero Arturito.