Orquesta de Tango Puente Alsina

Real name: Orquesta de Tango Puente Alsina
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Bandoneons: Marcelo Mercadante and Darío Polonara
Double bass: Pablo Guzmán
Guitar: Gaspar Müller
Piano: Gabriel Sivak
Violins: Ona Ribas and Lisa Bause

t is lined-up by young musicians based in Barcelona (Spain), four Argentines, an Uruguayan, and two women: one, Spaniard and the other, German.

It is a remarkable contribution of the new generation to rediscover the spirit of the golden age of tango.

Their repertoire includes pieces either of the Guardia Vieja (Old Stream) or the Guardia Nueva (New Stream). They try to evoke the styles of the big orchestras of the 40s and 50s, the styles of Pugliese, Salgán and Troilo. Everything is planned to respect the essence and ia y reafirmar la actualidad del tango.

Even though all its members are musicians with formal training, we highlight the "fueyes" (bandoneon players): Marcelo Mercadante, who studied with Rodolfo Mederos and polished his technique with Binelli, Pane, Marconi and Mosalini. He is soloist of the Barcelona Symphonic Orchestra and the National Orchestra of the Basque Nation conducted by Lalo Schiffrin. And Darío Palonara, who studied with Walter Castro at the Escuela de Música Popular of Avellaneda. He played in the orchestras led by Julián Plaza and Omar Valente.