Quinteto Típico Buenos Aires

Real name: Quinteto Típico Buenos Aires
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Alejo Caramés: electric guitar and arrangements
Juan Pablo Navarro: double bass
Javier Sánchez: bandoneon
Luis Sava: violin
Norberto Vogel: piano and arrangements
Gabriel Domínguez: vocals

t was formed in the early 2000 and its setting is a classic instrumental line-up in the musical development of the history of tango: the quintet. Its forerunner is the mythical Quinteto Garrote led by Vicente Greco and put together in 1911.
Its repertoire comprises classic tango pieces that encompass nearly all the musical stages of the genre, such as “La cumparsita”, “Caminito”, “El motivo”, “El pañuelito”, “A Don Agustín Bardi”, “Canaro en París”, “Milonga de mis amores”, among others. All them played with a musical style of their own which clearly reveals the rhythmical elements characteristic of the genre.
In some cases, they are original versions of the composers themselves, carefully adapted, and in others, charts especially written for the quintet by its arrangers, respecting the original melodies and recreating the harmony and the rhythm to achieve a genuine and updated sound without disregarding the essence and spirit of tango.
For two consecutive years the Quinteto Típico Buenos Aires appears at the Sala Alfonsina Storni of the Café Tortoni. Now to present the release of their first recording “Tangos clásicos” they play introduced by Leopoldo Federico and Horacio Malvicino.