Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro

Real name: Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Piano: Julián Peralta
Bandoneons: Flavio Reggiani, Fernando Añon Barros, Julio Coviello, Patricio Bonfiglio
Double bass: Yuri Venturín
Viola: Juan Carlos Pacini
Violins: Federico Terranova, Pablo Jivotovschi, Bruno Giuntini
Violoncello: Alfredo Zuccarelli
Singer: Walter "Chino" Laborde

ined-up by eleven players and a vocalist, it has reminiscences of an orchestra of the 50s either in its concept or in its aesthetics. The latter is based in the power produced by the sound of a bandoneon section comprised by four players, a string section of three violins, viola and violoncello and the customary rhythmic section that includes piano and double bass.

Its book contains charts of traditional compositions arranged by them as well as tango originals composed by its members.

Among their outstanding appearances we can mention: the Quinta Cumbre Mundial de Tango (Fifth World Summit of Tango)(in Rosario), Third and Fourth Tango Festival in the City of Buenos Aires, Tango Festival of Córdoba "Julio y el Tango", at the Academia Nacional del Tango, Teatro Presidente Alvear (Pugliese Vivo 2001-2005), Teatro Margarita Xirgú, Teatro Verdi, Museo de la Casa Rosada, Centro Cultural General San Martín, Centro Cultural Torcuato Tasso, Centro Cultural del Sur, Casa del Tango, Bandoneonazo, Salon Dorado de la Casa de la Cultura del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Alvear Palace Hotel, Café Tortoni, Sheraton Hotel, mass communications media and all the Buenos Aires tango venues including the most important dance rooms.

It expresses a sound with commitment and full of tango essence that is nurtured in the roots of the genre but at the same time it represents a permanent search within the framework of the best vanguard criteria, respectful of melody and rhythm.