Néstor Rolán

Real name: Rolán, Néstor
(26 June 1962 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e started his career in 1983 at a contest for tango singers at the television program El show de la vida on Channel 11.

In 1984 he joined the orchestra named Los Grandes del Compás led by maestro Ernesto Franco as vocalist and made tours throughout Argentina.

Two years later Channel 9 hired him exclusively for the program Grandes valores del tango, then conducted by Silvio Soldán.

In 1987 he was invited to appear at the Festival OTI de la Canción.

The following year he traveled abroad on a tour organized by the television Channel 9. He toured Australia, Canada and Switzerland.

In 1989 he turned out the winner of the Gardel de Oro award, a prize given by the recording companies.

In 1990 he was hired by Sony of Argentina as exclusive artist to record with the orchestra led by maestro Roberto Pansera. Later he cut another compact disc with the accompaniment of maestro Omar Valente.

Soon later he was requested by Sony of Japan to record with the Orlando Trípodi Orchestra and so a tour was organized for its publicity.

In 1995 he joined the permanent staff of the stage at the restaurant El Querandí. He recorded a disc on which the female singer Patricia Lasala appears as well.

He made an important tour of Argentina with Silvio Soldán’s show El Tango es una fiesta and in 1999 he joined the staff of the tango venue Señor Tango whose owner is the former vocalist of D’Arienzo, Fernando Soler.

He had a brief tenure at the venue Sabor a Tango. Later during a season in Mar del Plata he performed with the Trío Los Panchos and finally he traveled to Japan where he appeared with the Orquesta Típica Tokio and in Beirut with the orchestra led by Jorge Dragone.

In 2001 he was invited to be the Sexteto Mayor’s vocalist and as such he performed at La Esquina Homero Manzi (Centenera and Tabaré) and in Viña del Mar, Chile.

That same year he was part of an important tour of the United States, visiting the cities of New York, Miami, San Francisco and as well reaching Mexico and Canada.