Mabel Mabel

Real name: Mabel, Mabel
(15 May 1951 - )
Place of birth:
Olavarría (Buenos Aires) Argentina

orn in Olavarría and of Mar del Plata by adoption, her early stints were around 1964 when she was 13 on LU6 Radio Atlántica of Mar del Plata. Soon she won a contest organized by the TV Channel 8, which later summoned her to appear at the program Telepequeñocho emceed by Rubén Horacio Bayón.

In 1965 Eduardo Votta, owner of Bambi, hired the outstanding pianist José Locatelli and six teenagers to form the group Los Niños Cantores del Plata, among them was Mabel who sang a tango piece. Due to her good performance, the impresario offered her a contract that meant her launching as a professional soloist. So Mabel Mabel was born.

On successive seasons she appeared alongside figures like Alberto Morán, Edmundo Rivero and Alberto Marino, among others.

Later she performed at the night local La Cachila run by the musician Celso Amato, at La Boheme run by Medina, at La Dolce Vita, at the Hotel Provincial and at the night clubs Las Vegas and Bacán.

On May 10, 1969 she arrived in Buenos. Aires. She appeared at several venues: Palladium, Patio de Tango, Tango Norte and on the television Channel 7.

In 1971 she traveled to Caracas, Venezuela, under a contract for 30 days which was extended until 1974. There she cut a single record, appeared on television on Channel 2 with Amador Bendayan and on Channel 4 Venevisión. She performed at the most prestigious venues and hotels of the Intercontinental chain and began tours throughout Venezuela and Colombia. In the latter country she recorded another single for CBS-Columbia and made an outstanding appearance on television.

In 1974, already in Buenos Aires, she gigged throughout the country and at the TV program Grandes valores del tango.

In 1975 Luis Stazo invited her to appear on the record produced by Ben Molar, Los catorce de Julio De Caro. She recorded Julio De Caro's and Florencio Escardó's tango “La ciudad que conocí”.

Since 1974 she appears regularly in Uruguay, on television Channel 5, at the El Parador del Cerro, at La Tanguería del 40, at Portofino, at La Cumparsita and in other venues of that country.

In 1976 she appeared at the Festival of Piriápolis, where she was awarded as the Best Foreign Tango Interpreter. That same year she traveled to Brazil to perform at the programs emceed by Sílvio Santos and Áriston Rodríguez.

On her comeback she appeared in Mar del Plata at the Teatro Odeon alongside Norberto Aroldi at the play Este flaco, flaco Buenos Aires.

The following years she devoted herself to tour the interior of the country with her show Cinco personajes para una sola voz (Four Characters For Only One Voice), approaching other musical genres. Later, once again at Grandes valores del Tango and as well at La noche con Amigos emceed by Lionel Godoy, on radio.

In 1996 she joined the cast of the opera Evita alongside Jorge Sobral and Liliana Belfiore.

In November 2001 she traveled to the United States for a thirty-day stay and appeared at Los Angeles, Boston and New York.

In 2002 she performed at La Casa de Aníbal Troilo, at El Café de Homero Manzi, at La Galería del Tango Argentino, at La Casa de la Cultura, at Sabor a Tango and at La Casona de Vicente.