Gabriel Reynal

Real name: Reynaldi, Omar Bautista
(29 June 1943 - 1 April 2009)
Place of birth:
Rosario (Santa Fe) Argentina

e was born in Rosario (Santa Fe Province), and he started his artistic career in 1968, at La Botica del Ángel run by Eduardo Bergara Leumann and at Malena al Sur, owned by the great maestro Lucio Demare.

In 1974 he made his first trip to France, he performed in Paris and at the Côte Azure for five months.

In 1988 he toured Spain with the Armando Caló Orchestra.

He was invited to France again in 1990, and appeared in the city of Toulouse, alongside the dancing partners Gloria and Eduardo and the Tango Trio.

In 1998, he joined the staff of Caño 14 that that played at the Hotel Costa Galana. There they were awarded the Estrella de Mar prize for the best musical show.

He was vocalist in the orchestras led by Ernesto Baffa and by Leopoldo Federico.

He recorded with the Ernesto Franco Orchestra and as well a compact disc accompanied by different groups, among them, the José Colángelo Orchestra and by the guitarists Osvaldo Avena and Cacho Tirao. In it the singer Alberto Podestá is especially featured in a duo with him on a rendition of the waltz “Tu vieja casa limeña” with lyrics by the poet César Vallejos and music by Podestá himself.

He performed in nearly all the tango venues of Buenos Aires, at Grandes valores del tango on the TV channel 9 and at the Solo Tango cable channel.

With the Sexteto Mayor he appeared in Istanbul (Turkey), Copenhagen (Denmark), Malmo (Sweden) and at the carnival celebrations in Venice (Italy).