Virginia Verónica

Real name: Flores, Verónica Virginia
Singer and lyricist
(2 April 1970 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

he was born in Avellaneda (Buenos Aires province). She started her career as member of the cast of Tango X 2, led by the dancers Miguel Ángel Zotto and Milena Plebs, under the musical direction of Daniel Binelli and Fernando Suárez Paz.

With that show they appeared at the Teatro Municipal General San Martín and at the full dress ceremony at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes to do the honors to the Prince Felipe de Bourbon.

For three years she worked at the local Fuelle in San Telmo. By that time, she began to study vocal technique with Juan Manuel Miró (instructor at the Teatro Colón).

In 1992 she appeared on the TV channel 7 (ATC) at the program El gran debut, under the musical direction of maestro Néstor Marconi, with whom she also performed at the show Tango 2000.

In ATC she as well joined the cast of La noche con amigos, conducted by Lionel Godoy, and at the programa Los amigos del tango, conducted by Juan Carlos Mareco.

She appeared at the shows of El Rincón de Los Artistas, at the café Tortoni and at Michelangelo and, in 1998, with her show Terapia tango, under the musical direction of Enrique Brocatto.

In 1998 she released her first CD titled Tangos con él, with the musical background of Enrique Brocatto.

In 1999 she performed at the Solo Tango cable channel and on different radio stations of the city of Buenos Aires, and her show Terapia tango, on FM 92.7, at the program Café, bar, billares conducted by Ricardo Horvath is a standout.

In May 2001, she made her first tour throughout several cities of Italy introducing her show Terapia tango.