Roberto Ayala

Real name: Gutiérrez, Agustín Félix
(24 April 1943 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e was born in the neighborhood of Palermo, and in 1962 he, for the first time, appeared before the public at the renowned program La campana de cristal, conducted by Augusto Bonardo at the old TV channel 7. That experience made it possible for him to share important Buenos Aires stages with names such as Floreal Ruiz, Héctor Mauré, Jorge Durán, Alberto Morán, Jorge Valdez, Chola Luna, among others.

In 1964, maestro Leopoldo Federico organized, on Radio Splendid, a contest in order to find a vocalist for his orchestra to replace Julio Sosa, who had just died. Among 800 contestants, Ayala was the one chosen to fill the vacancy, and he made his successful debut on March 1, 1965 in the city of Baradero, province of Buenos Aires.

With this orchestra he made his early recordings in 1965, with the nunbers: “Cuando me entrés a fallar”, “Cuatro novios” and “Desconocidos”. He stayed with Leopoldo Federico until 1968.

He was requested by Nicolás Mancera to appear at the television program Sábados circulares, on channel 13, where he started his career as a soloist.

He stood out in the Buenos Aires night milieu, playing at the most important venues: Caño 14, Michelangelo, Patio de Tango, La Querencia and many others.

He joined the cast of the program Grandes valores del tango, at Channel 9, for over 20 years.

He toured Colombia, Perú, Japan and throughout our country.

He appeared accompanied by the greatest leaders: Atilio Stampone, Walter Ríos, Alberto Di Paulo and the Sexteto Tango.

He can be seen in the movie Gatica, el Mono, written and directed by Leonardo Favio, in which he gives a very good rendition of “Quiero verte una vez más”.

In 1997 he recorded a new compact disc, with the accompaniment of Alberto Di Paulo, titled Nostalgias.