Carlos Cristal

Real name: Cristaldi, Salvador Francisco
(27 October 1942 - 4 September 2011)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e started at 18 in the city of La Plata with the Orquesta Juvenil del Tango, led by Horacio del Bueno, with whom he recorded for the Orfeo label “Canción de Ave María” and “Gricel”.

In 1966 he joined the group Los Gotango, with the pianist Carlos Marzán, the bandoneon player Osvaldo Rizzo Pichuquito and Rospy on bass. They appeared at the program Siete notas para el tango, on Channel 7.

In 1967 he played with the maestro Francisco Rotundo and the Uruguayan singer Enrique Campos at the local Patio de Tango, located on Corrientes Avenue and Libertad Street, a block from the Obelisk.

In 1969 he joined the Miguel Caló orchestra and played on Channel 7 and, and at the program Las 13 han dado con el tango, on Radio Splendid for 7 months. That year he recorded, duetting with Enrique Campos, “El viejo vals” and “Atardecer [b]”.

In 1972 he played and recorded with the orchestra led by Alberto Di Paulo; in 1977 with the Juan Sánchez Gorio orchestra; in 1980, as soloist, he recorded his first LP for ATC; in 1982, with the Omar Valente orchestra for the Microonda label; in 1988 for Music Hall accompanied by the orchestra of Osvaldo Rizzo. In the nineties he recorded again as soloist, accompanied by Osvaldo Berlingieri for the Melopea label.

In 1983, he traveled to Los Angeles (United States) and in 1990 he appeared in Madrid with the Armando Caló orchestra.

Carlos Cristal sang in the main tango sceneries in Buenos Aires, but his shows at the Viejo Almacén, accompanied by the maestro Leopoldo Federico stands out.

He died in a car accident on National Road 3, near the city of Azul, Province
Buenos Aires.