Patricia Lasala

Real name: Lasala, Patricia Mónica
(5 December - )
Place of birth:
Full Name: Patricia Mónica LasalaDate and birthplace: December 5th, in San Miguel, province of Buenos Aires.

he was born in San Miguel, province of Buenos Aires. In 1975 she started her professional career with the Amancio López orchestra. Later she was associated with important orchestras and shows and performed in Buenos Aires and on numerous tours.

She managed to record in Japan accompanied by Osvaldo Berlingieri, and later, she recorded with Armando Caló, Osvaldo Requena and appeared with the Osvaldo Pugliese orchestra, in 1982, on the LP Futuro, singing “Estás en mi ciudad” (by Osvaldo Requena and Julián Centeya).

In 1985 she is starred on the documentary film La mujer en el tango, under German production, made especially for Germany.

As soloist she sang at the most important tango houses: El Viejo Almacén, Michelangelo, La Ventana, Tango Mío, Café Homero and others.

On television she appeared at Grandes Valores del Tango, Leonel Godoy’s La Noche con Amigos, La Botica del Tango and other appearances on programs of different types. At present she can be seen on the cable channel Solo Tango.

In 1986 she sang at a show in Japan with Osvaldo Berlingieri, live performance which was published on a compact disc.

In 1987 she traveled to Russia with Ismael Spitalnik. Later to Francia to join the cast of Le Trottoirs de Buenos Aires. Later she went to Holland and appeared at the show Gardel en Rotterdam.

In 1989 she toured Spain with the maestro Armando Caló. She returned there the following year to tour Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza and Murcia.

In Buenos Aires she was hired for the stage of Tango Mío and with that show she appeared in Chile. In 1992 she was included in the show TangoX2, led by the dancer Miguel Ángel Zotto, touring Mexico, Spain and playing in Buenos Aires as well.

In 1993, with the show Tango Mío she sang in Brazil. With the dancer Juan Carlos Copes she appeared in the city of Köln, Germany.

From 1995 until 1997, she toured the world with the show Tango Pasión with the Sexteto Mayor.

1998: She performed in Switzerland (Zurich), for the O. P. C. N.

In the year 2000, she made a tour of Japan with the Osvaldo Requena orchestra.