Carlos Reyes

Real name: Nemmi, Carlos
Nicknames: El Chino
(7 April 1934 - 21 November 1995)
Place of birth:
(Tucumán) Argentina

e was born in the province of Tucumán.

His early gigs were in 1955, he was vocalist of Leo Lipesker, Enrique Mora, and Alberto Mancione

Year 1969: He appeared at a contest in Grandes Valores del Tango (Channel 9), reaching the final, later as soloist his success is surprising for the period, his remarkable voice in Gardelian style leads him to be one of the most acclaimed singers.

Night after night he adds new fans at the different houses devoted to our Buenos Aires music, such as Vos Tango, El Rincon, El Boliche de Rotundo, etc. etc., and in all them besides getting warm applauses, he boasted his striking resemblance with that great tango poet, Esteban Celedonio Flores.

His shows at theaters, his tours, his appearance at the Festival de La Falda, Córdoba, gave him the chance to join the Sexteto Tango to later switch to Francisco Rotundo’s orchestra, sharing the vocals with Roberto Rufino, Alfredo Del Río, Nelly Vázquez and Alberto Rivas.

Recordings: With the maestro Oscar Valente, and as well with the guitar background played by Carlos Peralta and Villavicencio.