Carlos Paiva

Real name: Sosa, Carlos Norberto
Singer and lyricist
(19 October 1940 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

hen he was 14 he made his debut with the orchestra led by Ricardo Pedevilla and later he switched to Enrique Alessio’s. He appeared then with his real name, Carlos Sosa.

In 1961, he made his debut in the Joaquín Do Reyes orchestra, who named him with the artistic pseudonym with which he achieved his greatest hits: Carlos Paiva.

Two years later he put together his own orchestra led by the violinist Aquiles Aguilar and started his career as soloist.

He is successful and is requested by the RCA-Victor recording company, committing his voice to disc on several records, accompanied by Baffa-Berlingieri and Ángel Gatti.
But his biggest hit was the recording of the tango “Taxi mío”, which was the musical background for the TV soap opera written by Alberto Migré: Rolando Rivas, taxista.

In 1967, he is the revelation of the Tango festival in the city of La Falda, province of Córdoba.

He appeared on radio and television on special occasions, with the Alfredo De Angelis orchestra.

He toured throughout the nation and Central America. On some of them he traveled with other great singers such as: Jorge Valdez, Juan Carlos Godoy and Roberto Mancini.

He also ventured as actor in soap operas that were published on magazines as photo strips, on television together with Rodolfo Bebán, and at the theater with Norberto Aroldi, Gloria Montes, Gogó Andreu, among others.

He was secretary of the Sindicato de Variedades (Union of artists in the show business), founding member of the Asociación Argentina de Cantores (Argentine Association of Singers) and author-composer member of SADAIC.