Enrique Lear

Real name: Lear, Enrique
(26 May 1939 - 17 February 2011)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e started at the radio program “La Peña del Transportista”. Later he put together a group with the bandoneon player Osvaldo Rizzo (Pichuquito) and the singer Carlos Cristal.

He was born in Mataderos neighborhood (Buenos Aires). In 1985 he recorded an LP with the accompaniment of the orchestra led by Omar Valente, for that record he composed the waltz “Muñeca de 15 años” with Aníbal Marconi and sung the tangos “Alma de loca”, “Alguien” and “Destino de flor”, among others, stand out.

He also stood out as lyricist, as well in collaboration with Aníbal Marconi, on the numbers “Requetebien”, “Igual quiero verte”, “Porque es mío y nada más”, “Vos cobrás para reír” and “Se llama Vos Tango”, the latter in homage to the stage of the same name, of Villa Lugano and which was recorded by the singer Daniel Olivera.

On television he appeared at the program El tango del millón, on channel 11 and at Matineé and Siete notas para el tango, on channel 7.

In the seventies he joined the cast of Grandes valores del tango, on channel 9.

He toured the country on numerous occasions, there is no province that he has not visited to play.

His last performances were at the Café Tortoni and at his local La Peña de Enrique Lear.