Mario Saladino

Real name: Saladino, Mario
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Date and birthplace: 14 January 1944, in Buenos Aires (Capital Federal).

e began as soloist, later he joined the orchestra of Osvaldo Ferri. Juan D'Arienzo invited him to join his orchestra but his inclusion was frustrated by the comeback of Armando Laborde. Because of that he recommended him to Enrique Alessio, with whom he recorded an LP in homage to the "Rey del compás".
Later he recorded another LP with the maestro Julio Dávila. He is requested by Ben Molar to record a number ("Si preguntan por mí") of his production: "Los 14 de Julio De Caro.
On television he appeared at the programs: "Grandes valores del tango", "Feria fiesta de la música" conducted by Brizuela Méndez, "Cambalache" with the comic actor Calígula, "Buenas noches tango", "Sábados de la bondad" with Héctor Coire, "Tango del Millón", "Tango Club". On channel 2 with Luis Pedro Toni and on the cable channels Crónica TV and "Solo tango".
He toured throughout the country, Uruguay, Brazil and, since the last 16 years, throughout the United States. He appeared on channel 44 of Chicago at a festival to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake of Mexico together with Frank Sinatra and Libertad Lamarque, among others.
He performed at the theaters "La Campana", together with Aníbal Troilo and Edmundo Rivero, and at "Interprint" (both in Mar del Plata) and at the tango locals: "Rincón de los artistas", "Vos Tango", "Michelángelo", "Casa blanca", "Casa rosada", "Tango Star", "El Mangrullo", "Lo de Hansen", "La peña de Enrique Lear", "Taconeando", "La Cumparsita" and "Caribia" of Mar del Plata.