Osvaldo Rivas

Real name: Caprarulo, Oscar
(18 October 1936 - )
Place of birth:
Quilmes (Buenos Aires) Argentina

e was born at Quilmes (province of Buenos Aires). When he was 16 he joined the orchestra of Héctor D'Esposito, with whom he recorded "Fueron tres años", later he switched to the Alberto Coral orchestra with which he appeared at all the dancehalls of the city. He switched to the Juan Sánchez Gorio orchestra at which he performed for 2 years.

Later he joined the one led by the Uruguayan maestro Donato Racciatti, with whom he recorded "Si me esperaras a mí", and as a duo with Beatriz del Campo, "El día que me quieras" and "Cómo dejar de amarte".

Much later, with Daniel Lomuto he recorded an LP (10 numbers) and recorded again with Las Guitarras Argentinas led by Carlos Peralta. In 1997 he recorded some pieces with Alberto Di Paulo for the Vaivén label.

On television he appeared at the programs Grandes Valores del Tango and Hoy Nace Una Estrella and on cable: Crónica TV and his own program: Nosotros Los Del Tango.

He made tours throughout the nation and Colombia, where he lived for a long time. With the maestro Donato Racciatti he toured Uruguay and Brazil.

He played at the Astral and San Martín theaters and at the tango venues La Peña del Transportista, El Viejo Almacén, El Rincón de los Artistas, Tango Star, Vos Tango, La Mochila, El Farolito and others.

He is author of the piece "Y nos quieren separar".